Recipe: Zero-failed snowy mooncake

Home Cooking Recipe: Zero-failed snowy mooncake


Many people will make the ice skin powder too sticky when doing ice skin, and can't do it. This recipe, I did several times, did not fail, including teaching some small partners in the WeChat exchange, especially the novice, can also make it.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Prepare materials.

    Prepare materials.

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Pour milk

    Pour milk

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Stir well

    Stir well

  4. Home Cooking Recipe: Add condensed milk and corn oil

    Add condensed milk and corn oil

  5. Home Cooking Recipe: Continue to stir evenly

    Continue to stir evenly

  6. Home Cooking Recipe: Steam for 25 minutes

    Steam for 25 minutes

  7. Home Cooking Recipe: Hot and bad

    Hot and bad

  8. Home Cooking Recipe: Knead into smooth dough

    Knead into smooth dough

  9. Home Cooking Recipe: The mold is 50, the ratio is 1:1

    The mold is 50, the ratio is 1:1

  10. Home Cooking Recipe: Success is not very simple

    Success is not very simple

  11. Finally, do a good job of packing.

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