Recipe: Yunnan Dessert Yogurt (Coconut Milk) Purple Rice Dew

Home Cooking Recipe: Yunnan Dessert Yogurt (Coconut Milk) Purple Rice Dew


Yunnan-style dessert, yogurt purple rice dew



  1. Wash the purple rice first and soak for three hours.

  2. Purple rice and soaked rice water are slowly cooked in a wok, then mixed with rock sugar to cook. (If it is a sweeter yogurt, you don't need to put rock sugar)

  3. Use the mold to buckle the cooked purple rice into a cute shape, and pour the yogurt or coconut milk!

  4. You can also add mango to your taste and turn it into a mango yoghurt. Or add other fruits is also delicious!


(The purple rice into the water is because of the anthocyanin reasons, it can be washed twice, the second time the rice water can be directly soaked, which can reduce the nutrient loss of purple rice.)

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