Recipe: Yuba braised pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Yuba braised pork


After a few improved braised pork, the ingredients only use soy sauce, and the braised pork must be placed in the pressure cooker again, and the taste is absolutely good. Let's try it too.



  1. The pork belly is washed and cut into 1cm pieces; the yuba is softened with boiling water.

  2. Put the hot pot into the pork belly and force the pig to fry until the golden side is golden. Pour the ingredients into the pan and stir fry until the bowl is ready for use. Leave the oil.

  3. Continue to put the soft yuba in the pot and stir fry, then pour the meat to be used together and put the starch juice on the lid to cover the fire.

  4. After the juice is dried, it is recommended to put it in the pressure cooker and press it with the rice once, and the taste is better.


The braised pork that is cooked must be placed in a pressure cooker and rubbed again. The fat will be more thoroughly cut.

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