Recipe: Yogurt papaya

Home Cooking Recipe: Yogurt papaya


Papaya contains carotene and rich vitamin C, which have strong antioxidant capacity. Yogurt has a certain weight loss effect, can effectively regulate the balance of the flora in the body, promote gastrointestinal motility, and the yogurt has a strong feeling of fullness. Drinking a cup when it is slightly hungry can effectively alleviate the urgent appetite, thereby reducing the next meal. Meal amount. So, simple yogurt papaya is MM who lose weight beauty products, still not to try?



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Take a papaya

    Take a papaya

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Half cut

    Half cut

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Seeding


  4. Home Cooking Recipe: Pour the yogurt (yoghurt to thicken)

    Pour the yogurt (yoghurt to thicken)

  5. Get it, eat it.

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