Recipe: Yogurt Cupcakes

Home Cooking Recipe: Yogurt Cupcakes



  1. In the egg, add corn germ oil, low flour, corn starch and yogurt to the egg yolk.

  2. Send the protein, add the sugar in three times, and hit the eggbeater. The protein has a soft small angle. (This degree of description is not to say that the protein grain is obvious, it feels resistant, it can't be too hard, and it is rare when mixed with egg yolk. Mix well.)

  3. Take one-third of the protein into the egg yolk and stir with egg, which is better than the scraper. The remaining protein is then added and thoroughly mixed with a spatula.

  4. Place the batter in half of the paper cup, add the honey red bean, and put the batter until the paper cup is full. Lightly shake the paper cup, knock out the big bubbles and put it into the baking tray.

  5. Warm up the oven when filling the batter, 155 degrees 30~40 minutes. Because the ovens are different in temper, the parents observe the degree of coloring and feel it is OK. Deep coloring will be more beautiful.


Broken thoughts: The small Muffin cup used is about 16~18. If you like chocolate, you can change the honey red beans into chocolate beans on the surface, so the surface will be slightly different.

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