Recipe: Yellow squid flower

Home Cooking Recipe: Yellow squid flower


Mom likes the dishes that I give to me, whenever the squid is on the market. Mom will give me the squid and leeks to take it with me. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival is of great significance, because my sister came to Dalian to have this dish, let us relive the taste of the mother dish.



  1. After the yellow is washed, cut into an inch of sections for use.

  2. The squid is washed to remove the outermost membrane, the head and the whiskers are cut, and the squid is cut into X-shaped flowers. Apply even force, do not cut.

  3. Marinate the squid with a little soy sauce.

  4. Slice the garlic, heat the pan, add a little oil and stir-fry the garlic slices, then add the chopped squid flowers, stir fry over the fire, and simmer the squid when it is opened.

  5. Continue to stir fry until the squid flower is completely turned into a roll, add a little salt to taste, a little soy sauce. Then rinse off the starch water to make a pot.

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