Recipe: Yellow rose flower

Home Cooking Recipe: Yellow rose flower



  1. The pumpkin is peeled and washed, cut into pieces, placed in a microwave oven and steamed with a small spoon.

  2. Put on the cooking machine to make it more delicate. This process can add some water, but don't add too much, the cooking machine can be turned up.

  3. Add some salt to the flour and add some sugar. Stir well, add the appropriate amount of yeast powder and mix well, then put in the cool pumpkin puree.

  4. Dip into a soft and moderate dough by hand, and put the lid on the room to ferment at room temperature.

  5. Fermented dough on the board

  6. Divide into uniform size agents, each of which is a group of one, take one into a cylindrical shape, and the other pieces into pieces, as shown in the figure.

  7. Roll up and wrap the cylinder in the middle

  8. Divided into two from the middle with a scraper

  9. Cut face down, hand-finished into two rose shapes

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