Recipe: Yellow rice bag

Home Cooking Recipe: Yellow rice bag



  1. Wash the yellow rice and put it in the rice cooker. It is as boring as the rice is usually cooked. After suffocating, add sugar according to your own taste.

  2. Take out the bowl and pour the right amount of yeast (one person usually eats a few meals and usually half a packet is enough) pour a little warm water, a small amount of sugar, mix well

  3. Take out the flour, pour the water, go to the yeast, mix, squat on one side and awake, there are small pores on the surface.

  4. Cut the noodles, poke them out, wrap the yellow rice in

  5. Brush the oil on the pot and put the yellow rice bag in. There were three layers before, about half an hour or so. After all, as long as the skin is cooked, it would be fine.

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