Recipe: Yellow pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Yellow pork


Light taste of yellow pork, light pepper taste, simple materials, delicious meals, do it from a small



  1. 韭 择 choose to wash the cut section, dry the water for use

  2. Cut pork with pork, cut well and add appropriate amount of starch and white pepper to grab evenly. Starch should not be too much.

  3. Ginger slices or shredded for use

  4. Add a spoonful of starch to the water and mix thoroughly. Add a little white pepper and salt and mix thoroughly.

  5. Hot pot cold oil, ginger / ginger slices under the pot

  6. Add the mixed pork and stir well, stir-fry the pork, stir fry until white

  7. Join 韭黄 and continue to stir fry

  8. Stir fry until the yellow is broken, pour the water starch along the side of the pot, stir fry, stir well


Do not add too much starch to the shredded pork. According to the amount of shredded pork, the main purpose is to make the pork tender. In addition, the water starch should not be too thick, as long as a thin layer can be used, and if you can not grasp the salt content, you can not put the salt into the water starch to adjust, add salt before the hook, do not check After adding salt, it will not mix well.

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