Recipe: Yellow peach mousse cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Yellow peach mousse cake


I like to eat yellow peach, so I made a yellow peach mousse cake to Missimisie! The following materials are 6 inches.



  1. First, use two pieces of gelatine tablets with ice water (cold water can also be soft)

  2. Put 200g of yellow peach in the food processor into a peach puree, then pour it into the pot, add 60g of sugar, heat it with a small heat, then add the soft gelatin tablets and mix well.

  3. 200 grams of animal whipped cream to six distribution, both lines appear, and then mix well with the fully cooled peach puree, into a yellow peach mousse filling

  4. Put a piece of cake on the bottom of the mold (I used a 6-inch live cake mold), pour the finished yellow peach mousse into the mold, put a piece of cake, and pour the remaining mousse filling , smooth, put it in the refrigerator for more than 5 hours (or overnight)

  5. When you take it out, you can decorate the surface with yellow peach slices, silver peach sugar on the peach slices, and honey red beans in the middle! (The surface decoration is very wide, you can do it according to your preference)

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