Recipe: Yellow cauliflower fried chicken slices

Home Cooking Recipe: Yellow cauliflower fried chicken slices


The fresh yellow flower contains a substance called colchicine, which forms oxidized colchicine in the process of metabolism in the human body. The oxidation of colchicine has a strong stimulation to the human respiratory tract and gastrointestinal diseases, and its main symptoms are manifested. For nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, severe hematuria may also occur. Therefore, in the peak season when the daylily is on the market, do not eat more when eating fresh products. Since the toxic components of fresh daylilies can be weakened or disappeared at high temperature of 60 °C, fresh yellow cauliflower should be simmered in boiling water before being eaten, then soaked in water for more than 2 hours, washed and washed with water and then fried. .



  1. First, fresh yellow cauliflower is boiled in hot water and then soaked in cold water for two hours.

  2. Earn out the spare

  3. Chicken breast slices sliced

  4. Hot pot cold oil, put the chicken pieces into the pot, add soy sauce, cooking wine, stir fry evenly and take out

  5. Keep the base oil in the pot, put the processed fresh daylily into the pot and stir fry

  6. Add appropriate amount of water and stir fry for two minutes.

  7. Pour the fried chicken slices, add the appropriate amount of salt and chicken, and mix well.

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