Recipe: きなこ饴 (yellow bean jelly)

Home Cooking Recipe: きなこ饴 (yellow bean jelly)


I always wanted to eat soy flour powder, and I didn’t have a recipe under the kitchen. How could I stop the aggressiveness of eating goods? I broke into the Japanese website and searched for the popular top1. I tried it early this morning. , really good, simple, delicious, fast, bean powder control, move it &~ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ



  1. Honey in a microwave to heat up to a bubbling or milk pan

  2. Put the soy flour in the honey and stir it evenly with a small spoon.

  3. After the whole group is formed into a slender strip, the surface is sprinkled with soy flour.


Pour the soy flour into it and mix it quickly.

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