Recipe: Yam porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Yam porridge


Yam porridge is based on yam, medlar and millet. Yam strong strong spleen and stomach to strengthen the kidney, sputum liver, millet yin and spleen. Spleen and stomach function is weak or the stomach is not good. It is very beneficial to eat a yam every day, steaming or cooking. It is not recommended to fry or make a yam.



  1. All the materials are washed, the yam peeled and cut into small pieces, and the millet is soaked in clear water. This is what I have to eat for breakfast. It is good to soak the night before.

  2. In the morning, pour the millet and yam together with the clear water into the casserole. If necessary, add some water if the water is not enough.

  3. After the fire is boiled, turn to a small fire for about 40-50 minutes. The rice is rotten and the porridge is very thick. At this time, add 枸杞, and wash it with warm water in advance. After adding 枸杞 and then cooking for 5 minutes, it will be fine.


* Yam to buy yam or fresh yam, freshly selected thin strips, the finer the better. * When simmering in a small fire, it is easy to paste the bottom of the pot. Remember to stir and stir with a spoon.

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