Recipe: Yam miscellaneous rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Yam miscellaneous rice



  1. Cover pouring: half of the yam noodles (the raw medicinal grinder is ground into mud), fish pine. Mix the two evenly

  2. Side dish: Wash the mushrooms, make a little homemade bean curd under the casserole, and sauté the mushrooms after the scent

  3. Multigrain rice (because my family is eating miscellaneous grains, there are buckwheat, brown rice, coix seed, millet, etc.), Matsutake (can not be washed, peeled by hand) into small pieces and cooked on the surface of the rice.

  4. Cover the lid on the rice and add the side dish. If you don't worry about eating raw yam, you can turn it in the microwave for 2 minutes.


There is a scent of rice in the pot, and the aroma of buckwheat and pine velvet is mixed. Put it in a bowl, topped with yam fish and pineapple (yam can be eaten raw, do not like raw egg white, feel astringent), yam is very thick, like a soft cover, like a dough for spring rolls . The main dish of the mushroom is mainly to enhance the taste, and mix well to eat.

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