Recipe: Yam fungus stewed old hen

Home Cooking Recipe: Yam fungus stewed old hen


Nutritious, nourishing the body, come to a bowl of warm!



  1. Wash the old hens in the water, put them into the pressure cooker, add the water without the old hens, cooking wine, onions, ginger, boil the steam on the fire, and turn to the small fire for fifteen minutes.

  2. Yam peeled and cut the hob block, the fungus bubble tears the small flower, the pressure cooker diarrhea after the steam into the yam and fungus, burned to the yam yam cooked, transferred to the salt.

  3. Electric cooker version, half old hens and small pieces of yam and yam together with electric oysters, add water, onions, ginger, cooking wine, stew for three to four hours, add salt when eating.


The fungus in the early stage of the fungus can be peeled and soaked in water to prevent oxidation when the chicken is stewed.

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