Recipe: Xinjiang mixed rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Xinjiang mixed rice noodles


After the fried rice noodles, the rice noodles are coming again!



  1. In the first step, you should fry small soybeans. There are no small soybeans in my house. I replaced them with peanuts.

  2. Heat the oil, heat the ginger, minced garlic, fry the scent and pour in the chili noodles. (The chili noodles are best large, so it feels better). It is also possible to put in some shredded dried chili peppers at the same time, which is more sensational.

  3. After the pepper is fried, put the prepared tomato diced in. Put salt, small fire, and force out the red oil. (The tomato peeling effect is better, but I am a rough person, I don’t think it’s too much trouble.) At this point, I can cook it.

  4. Then there is the fried toppings. Chicken diced, mushrooms diced. Stir-fried chicken, then pour the mushrooms into the fry. Less salt and less oil, because the mix is ​​already very heavy. Stir-fry until you can do it.

  5. When cooking, cook the rice flour in advance, pass the water, fill the bowl, then add the chicken and mushrooms as toppings, add the pepper, add the parsley and embellish.


1, my family does not eat chicken essence MSG, eat can be put fresh. It’s definitely sold out. 2, the most troublesome is the fried sauce. But this rice noodle sauce and fried rice noodle sauce are actually the same, that is, different ways of eating. You can fry a large bowl in the refrigerator at a time, so that you only have trouble once, no matter whether you eat fried or eaten after mixing, just pick up enough sauce and soak the rice noodles.

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