Recipe: Xi'an Meatball Hu spicy soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Xi'an Meatball Hu spicy soup


For a person who is a flesh-and-blood person, this is a warm heart that people love and hate. It has a childhood memory. It’s a beautiful world. When you are a child, you don’t need five cents for barbecue. No meatballs are used. money. Growing up a string of barbecues less and less, 10 yuan may not be able to eat a bowl of satisfied meatballs Hu spicy soup. People become blurred and can't see clearly. I also no longer like this bowl of warm food, I can only remember those tastes in memory. In the alleys of the residential area in the early morning, you can see an ingot blue rectangular door flag on the side of the road. The white cloth is used to erect the three words of the big Hu spicy soup. The words are usually horizontally marked with three words. Majia." Below the flag is a black, half-human-high coal stove that looks like a barrel of oil. It sits on a large pot. The pot is filled with meatballs and spicy soup that feels like hundreds of people can’t finish, but it’s hot, but Do not bubble. One side of the shopkeeper sipped and bought and sold, while using a large wooden spoon, a spoonful of thick Hu spicy soup. Because the soup is thick, the hot soup is like a thin film, and it instantly flows into the blue porcelain bowl. The treasurer will ask if you want to be embarrassed, or if you want a hot pepper. Take the cockroach from the hands of the shopkeeper, use the same hand to pick up the white porcelain bowl with a layer of bright red oil; the other hand gave the money, take a thin and light aluminum spoon, look for A vacancy is eaten together with people who have never met. Meatball Hu spicy soup, a Muslim halal breakfast, is estimated to be difficult to find in Xi'an. When I was young, my father would always take me to buy a bowl of meatballs and spicy soup. The standard equipment should be a bowl of hot chili soup with a clam, topped with special chili oil in the shopkeeper. And I don't eat staple foods or spicy foods, so I just bought a bowl of Hu spicy soup. Now I want to come, probably on the weekend, I am sitting on the small stool on the table, staring at the shopkeeper, taking a big wooden spoon and giving my father a bowl of Hu spicy soup. My father still does not forget to eat more meatballs. Order. He came over and gave it to me. I used the small aluminum spoon and arbitrarily looked for the pink meatball in the bowl. After eating the meatballs, try another piece of potatoes. If it is soft enough and there is no skin, I will probably eat one or two potatoes. Then the original thick, but I was stirred by the water, or a bowl full of boiled vegetables to the father. I was anxious to leave, my father will always clean up and take me away in one minute. Later, I grew up slowly, and I stopped eating meatballs and spicy soup. First, the meatballs are getting less and less, and it is better to say that the meatballs are noodles. I can't find meatballs with more vegetables. Second, the school is getting heavier and heavier. I don’t have the chance to go out for breakfast in the morning. Most of my father took a small aluminum pan and went to a bowl of beef Ding Henan Hu spicy soup. I can always eat it with the oil taro, because there is only a little bit of the diced meat and gluten. On that day, I saw the spicy soup in the circle of friends and evoked my memory. The old man in the butcher shop gave me a huge meat bone. I hated it for three days, didn't put a little bit of something, the soup was milky and thick, just like a spicy soup.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Beef bran and starch, add a little salt and pepper oil in an amount of 8:1, and repeatedly beat it with hands and face.

    Beef bran and starch, add a little salt and pepper oil in an amount of 8:1, and repeatedly beat it with hands and face.

  2. The meat stuffed will be hand-kneaded into small meatballs with a diameter of one centimeter. Boiled water.

  3. 舀 舀 高 , 将 将 将 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀 舀

  4. After the dish is cooked, pour the meatballs in the water and add white pepper and a little pepper in the soup.

  5. Use cold broth with starch and a large bowl of water starch

  6. Bring the broth of boiled vegetables and meatballs to a large fire, boil, and slowly add water starch. Until the soup is thick enough, the chopsticks are slowly dumped.

  7. Turn off the fire

  8. Out of the pan, topped with red chili oil


Lotus white is probably a local language, and lotus white is a cabbage. The broth can be replaced with clean water. Seasoning can be chosen by yourself. The meat of the meatball Hu spicy soup should be pink, so if you want pink, you can add a little red rice water to the meat. In the winter, a bowl of spicy oil, white pepper, and pepper is warm, warm, and warm.

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