Recipe: Wuhan breakfast memory as a child - rice bran

Home Cooking Recipe: Wuhan breakfast memory as a child - rice bran


When I was a child, there were big cars on the roadside in Wuhan. I liked the special pots of rice bran. I liked the taste of rice bran. The taste of the pan was crisp and coke. The soft side of the pan was soft with rice. Only now because the preparation time of the rice bran production is too long, the price is cheap, so fewer and fewer people have done it. When I posted it on Weibo, many people used to eat the fritters. But when I was a child, I used to eat this rice bran. I still like to eat nothing, so delicious~



  1. The rice is soaked for one night, then drained and crushed into rice syrup. It is convenient to pour the rice into the soya-bean milk machine after soaking. The height of the water is about one-third higher than the one-meter fingernail of the rice, and it is broken into rice milk.

  2. Mix all materials and mix well to ferment. The difference between adding yeast and not adding yeast is the length of fermentation time.

  3. Observing the state of fermentation to the surface of a large bubble, smelling a strong fermentation of sour taste, is good. When the rice slurry is fermented, there will be sedimentation, and the rice slurry will be stirred evenly

  4. Heat the pan, open a small fire, lightly apply a layer of oil to the bottom of the pan, pour a spoonful of rice slurry into it, and cook a few rice bran in one pot, each of which should be evenly sized.

  5. Wait until the edge of each cake becomes transparent, pour water into the blank in the pot to make steam. Then cover the lid until the steam disappears and then suffocate for a minute or so. You can open the lid and eat it~

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