Recipe: Winter vegetable fried okra

Home Cooking Recipe: Winter vegetable fried okra


Okra, there is also an elegant name called lady's finger. The first time or a few years ago in Southeast Asia, there were strange vegetables in the ingredients of curry fish. What I want to introduce this time is a simple Chinese-style okra, suitable for busy working families.



  1. Pour an appropriate amount of oil into the pan and heat. Pour into the winter vegetables and stir fry.

  2. Pour in the previously cut okra and continue to stir fry.

  3. Add the right amount of water and you can't go through the okra a little. After the water is bubbling, turn to medium heat until the water is almost full of soup. Depending on the saltiness of the winter vegetables in the bag, you can add appropriate salt according to your taste. Mix well, turn off the fire, enter the plate, and serve!


Students who love spicy food can sauté the peppers before the fried winter vegetables.

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