Recipe: Winter melon soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Winter melon soup


In winter, it is necessary to clear the fire and dryness. This is a low-fat and nutritious low-cost soup. It is suitable for people who are losing weight or getting angry. Because of the cold and salty taste, it has the effects of nourishing yin and moistening, softening and firming, moisturizing the five internal organs, and melon dietary fiber. Rich in content, it is the only fat-free of all melon vegetables, and can inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat, so it has the effect of slimming beauty. People like me who are dry and angry, drink a bowl of such soup, the feeling of hydration from the scorpion all the way to the stomach, it is really comfortable, let me wipe out most of the liver fire in the past few days. It is refreshing. The winter in the north is very cold and dry, and the heating in the house makes it easier for the human body to feel dry and get angry. Therefore, it is necessary to drink some nourishing and moistening soup in winter.



  1. After squirting the sand, rinse it with water and the outer casing can be cleaned with a small brush.

  2. Add appropriate amount of water to the pot, add cooking wine and ginger

  3. Put the clams and chopped green onions into the pan and cook for about a minute. The chopped green onion can also be put out when the pan is out. I think the green onion is a bit spicy now, so put it in and cook it first.

  4. Cut into sliced ​​melon slices

  5. After the melon slices are soft and cooked, add some salt to taste.

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