Recipe: Winter dish fried bird

Home Cooking Recipe: Winter dish fried bird


Winter vegetables are semi-dry non-fermented pickles. After shredding, drying, and salting, it is cooked, and the strips are fine or fried or made into soup, which are delicious and fragrant. With the bird shells packed from the hot pot, the two are cooked together. The food that was originally not bound has a simple seasoning. After quick cooking, the food is delicious and the food can be mixed.



  1. Wash the winter vegetables, drain the water

  2. Add a little white sugar and sesame oil and steam for 10 minutes.

  3. Bird shells are washed and drained

  4. Add oil to the pot, add the bell pepper to cook the rice wine, add steamed winter vegetables and stir fry for a while.


1. Birds and shells should be cut and cleaned, and the finished products are taken back. This step can be omitted. 2, winter vegetables are marinated, salty, salt added as appropriate 3, stir-fry shellfish need to master the heat

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