Recipe: Winter bamboo shoots, stir-fried edamame

Home Cooking Recipe: Winter bamboo shoots, stir-fried edamame



  1. The edamame is peeled off and cooked slightly in the water until it is broken.

  2. The winter bamboo shoots are removed from the old skin, washed, sliced ​​and shredded; the oil is put in the pan, and the winter bamboo shoots are smashed in the oil pan.

  3. Add oil to the pan, add the chopped green onion after the oil is hot, add the pickles, edamame, winter bamboo shoots, add some sugar and a little water, cook slightly, and drain the sesame oil to the pan. (No need to add salt or soy sauce, because the saltiness of pickles is enough)


Winter bamboo shoots are also “white-handed” raw materials. Generally, I will fry a little more on the weekend and put them in the refrigerator in the fuse box. This way, the dinner after work from Monday to Friday can be improved in efficiency.

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