Recipe: Wine stuffed rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Wine stuffed rice cake


It’s cold. The stalls selling rice cakes on the street are all out. The rice cakes in Zhoushan are not worse than the water mills in Ningbo! ! I don’t know if the little friends in the north have eaten like this. In the morning, I cook a small pot in the morning and go out to eat. 233333 is still a brief introduction. The incompetent star people (╯▽╰) ╭ the following rice cakes are almost 2 people, depending on the home. The population is automatically adjusted Ha 2333



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cake washed sliced

    Rice cake washed sliced

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Put the pot with water and glutinous rice and boil it.

    Put the pot with water and glutinous rice and boil it.

  3. After the rice cake is almost boiled, an egg is slipped and the egg is cooked. Can also sprinkle osmanthus


I don’t like the feeling of ignorance, I can’t add eggs.

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