Recipe: Wild risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Wild risotto


From June to August is the rainy season in Yunnan. This season, Yunnan really has to open up to eat wild mushrooms, because there is no wild in this season, and friends who have eaten wild mushrooms must know that kind of delicious. The unique fragrance can't be described in words. It is definitely a memorable one! There are many kinds of wild bacteria. Commonly, there are boletus, greenhead, chicken bacterium, and dried bacillus. These are all non-toxic, and they are very safe and delicious. Of course, the price is relatively high. There are several other common types of fungi that are toxic, but they are safe after cooking. It is worth mentioning that if you have the opportunity to go to Yunnan and eat the fungus season, it is highly recommended that you go to the restaurant to order some fungi, delicious and safe. Stir-fry with lard and cooking oil, the taste is particularly good, and the amount of garlic and oil can not be less, these two things have a bactericidal effect. When you are frying, you should not use a big fire. If you have a paste, you can't eat it. You should pay attention to the mixture and ensure that the heat is even. Pay special attention to the stir fry and leave it on the side of the pot and the spatula. When cutting bacteria, be sure to be thick and even. If you do it at home, you can use boiled water first, so it is safer to eat. Of course, the delicious taste will be lost. Wild mushrooms can not be bought in the field. They can be dried in bags. The usage is similar to mushrooms. This kind of dry goods is relatively safe and can be safely eaten. Of course, the taste is not comparable to wild bacteria.



  1. The wild bacteria cut off the hard part of the root, scrape the sand, wash it with water and drain it thoroughly.

  2. The neck and top of the wild mushroom are cleaved and cut into uniform sheets. Wash garlic and green pepper and cut into thin slices

  3. Put the oil in the pot, the amount is slightly more than usual, put the lard into the heat of 30%, put the garlic slices and slowly stir the aroma. The garlic pieces are slightly yellowed and then immediately removed.

  4. Turn into small and medium-sized fire and put in the mushroom pieces, evenly stir fry, to ensure that each piece of bacteria can be wrapped in oil, keep a small fire and keep frying, do not paste the pot

  5. After the flakes are softened, add the fried garlic, add salt and sugar, continue to stir fry until the flakes have a sticky feeling, then add green pepper, overnight rice, add about 100ml of water, and add the clams to the rice. Loose, the water can be dried

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