Recipe: 100% whole wheat pumpkin miso white sesame quick bread

Home Cooking Recipe: 100% whole wheat pumpkin miso white sesame quick bread


Recently, the brain hole is very restless. The various elements that I like are arranged in the brain in a random arrangement. It’s really unambiguous to move. I’m really serious about eating! ! ! I really want to make a taste of the salty mouth whole wheat quick-bread bread. The brain is flickering over the pumpkin ???? CP 麻利滴组起呀~~ In order to make the package more satisfying, the nuts must be indispensable~ just bought a can of white sesame seeds at home. I feel that I have been eating for a long time and there are still many ah~~ then you! (Sesame looks like the seeds are not nuts) The finished product tastes really no disappointment hahaha! The amount of square is relatively small, you can make a 16x8x6.5cm pound cake mold, it is recommended to double. Of course, if you double it, the baking time needs to be lengthened by about 5-10 minutes.



  1. The oven is preheated at 175 degrees; the mold is oiled paper.

  2. Mix the whole wheat flour, baking powder, white sesame seeds, and cinnamon powder in the dry portion and mix well.

  3. Mix all the wet parts, mix well and mix until the olive oil is completely blended, and the surface is almost invisible.

  4. Pour the wet material mixed in step 3 into the dry material of step 2, and cut it to the bottom of the container with a spatula to see no dry powder, and the batter is finished. Never over-mix! avoid! Pour the batter into the mold with oiled paper, use a spatula to raise the batter on both sides, so that the batter is low on both sides, then use a scraper tip to draw a knife in the middle of the batter along the long side of the mold. crack).

  5. The lower layer of the oven is 175 degrees 45-50 minutes. After baking, take it out and put it on the drying net to cool it before slicing.

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