Recipe: [White rice porridge] spleen and stomach

Home Cooking Recipe: [White rice porridge] spleen and stomach


A bowl of porridge is a common match for Chinese breakfast. However, the so-called porridge is cooked in raw rice and is cool. People who are cold and stomach cold are not suitable for drinking porridge. Especially in the spring season, it is easy to get wet and easy to cold, and it is very important to strengthen the spleen and stomach. People with bad stomach and spleen and stomach, especially those who are susceptible to cold diarrhea in spring and autumn, are better to eat rice porridge. The difference between white rice porridge and ordinary white porridge is that it is cooked with cooked rice (leftover rice), which is very good for health and can also be slimming. The rice that can't be eaten every day can be used to cook dinner porridge or the next morning porridge. Grasping the heat, time and materials of different cooking methods, you can achieve the soft, cotton and smooth of ordinary white porridge. ※More recipe questions please consult the public number: soyobell



  1. Method 1: The leftover meal of the previous meal, the cooked white rice, the triple water, the rice cooker or the electric pressure cooker “煲 porridge” function is cooked into white rice porridge.

  2. Method 2: Ordinary casserole or skillet, add more than three times of rice water, boil, pour leftovers (cooked white rice), first boil and bloom, then slowly simmer into a certain viscosity White rice porridge.


1. The first method of cooking rice porridge, generally no matter what kind of rice is selected, whether it is silk seedling glutinous rice or northeast rice, it can make a sticky feeling. 2, the second method of cooking rice porridge, generally choose northeast round rice, or add a little water starch juice during the cooking process, you can find a sticky feeling.

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