Recipe: White chocolate cheesecake

Home Cooking Recipe: White chocolate cheesecake


The cake is sweet but not greasy. The aroma of white chocolate reveals the sweet and sour taste of the cheesecake. The mouthfeel and the simple shape are the top 10 in the cake. Of course, it is the top ten in the cake I have done.



  1. The Oreo biscuits are crushed, the butter is melted and mixed with the biscuits, pressed into the bottom of the mold and pressed by hand. Refrigerate in the refrigerator

  2. The cream cheese is heated by water or heated in a microwave oven. Mix it evenly with an egg beater and add the eggs three times. After each addition, mix them evenly and add them again. Mix evenly after adding milk

  3. The dark chocolate is heated and melted, and a large spoonful of cake paste is evenly mixed. White chocolate is slightly separated by water or melted in a microwave oven. Add the remaining cake paste and mix well.

  4. The oven is preheated to 150 degrees and the bottom of the mold is covered with two layers of tin foil. Pour the white chocolate cake into the mold, sprinkle the dark chocolate cake paste on the surface, and use the toothpick to draw random marks. Pour hot water of 60 degrees into the baking tray, put it into the mold, and bake the oven for about 1 hour.

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