Recipe: Wenzhou almond rot

Home Cooking Recipe: Wenzhou almond rot


Almond rot is a very popular cold drink in Wenzhou in summer. I tested the ratio of agar, water and milk several times and finally made a satisfactory one~



  1. Soak the agar with warm water for 20-30min, pour it into the pot with warm water, simmer until the agar melts, add milk and coconut milk, mix well, add sugar and mix well.

  2. After sieving, pour into the large dish (not too thick) and freeze and solidify.

  3. Blending sugar water: two spoons canned peach water plus four notes cool white open. This is my favorite ~

  4. The frozen milk jelly is cut into a diamond shape with a knife, and added sugar water, canned oranges and yellow peaches, sesame seeds, dried bayberry, raisins, and the like. Eat after refrigerating. Add mint water before serving.


Ingredients have also seen the placement of watermelon, raisin, free to play ~ must be refrigerated! Sesame must be fried with sesame seeds! These two points are very important! The amount of the square can probably be 3-4 cups in the cup. P.S. Mint Water is a less common ingredient. Our shop here will use cold water to turn on the mint water, put it in a small mineral water bottle, and put a hole on it to let the guests add it. Can be added to the almond rot, or added to the sweet soy milk to drink the tofu brain. Plus it is because it is more cool and delicious, and the second is because of the taste of childhood, if it is not, it doesn't matter, it feels good after refrigerating!

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