Recipe: Wenyi~ How to save the fragrant soup & how to pick the citron

Home Cooking Recipe: Wenyi~ How to save the fragrant soup & how to pick the citron


The method introduced by Wen Yi, with the spare ** 椿 椿 try to eat before the rainy season, this time the most tender and best quality. ** When choosing a citron, try to choose a short, brownish-brown, slightly thicker stalk, which is relatively tender. The scent of the head is slender, the color is green, the stalk is thin and hard, and the leaves are touched and the scent is old or not fresh. **The citron itself contains nitrate. After picking, transportation and storage at room temperature, the nitrate will be converted into nitrite, and the longer the storage time, the higher the nitrite content. But don't be afraid, after 1 minute of boiling water, the citron can not only remove 60% of the nitrite, but also effectively preserve the vitamin C content and make it taste more intense. Therefore, no matter how you eat it, it is best to use boiled water to make it hot before you do it. This is safer to eat. ** The reason why the hot citron is to be cold water is to prevent it from getting dark. It should be noted that the scalding time should not be too long, otherwise the scent will be easily lost. **Because the citron is a "hair", friends with chronic diseases or allergies should be cautious. [Choose the citron]: 1, look at the length: 椿 椿 try to buy short, this is relatively tender, the longer the citron is older. 2, look at the color: fresh and tender toon leaves are brownish red, not easy to be pulled off; if the camphor leaves are green, and a touch off, it is already old. 3, look at the thickness: If the fragrant stalks are thick, it means that the new buds grow out, the stalks are thin, indicating that the old citron, this should be noted; in addition, the harder the stalk, the older the citron . 4. Smell the taste: If you can taste the fragrance when you buy the citron, it means it is relatively fresh. If you smell a smell, it is likely to be a close relative of the citron - skunk, not edible.



  1. After the water is opened, put the washed citron into the pot and simmer for about 1 minute.

  2. When the citron is all green, the scent is immediately removed, and it is soaked in cold water.

  3. Drain the water from the cold water and put it in a sealed bag (or fresh-keeping bag).

  4. Place it in the freezer of the refrigerator for at least two months.

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