Recipe: Watercress, Xianxin Chenshen Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Watercress, Xianxin Chenshen Soup



  1. Watercress washed, carrot peeled, hob cut

  2. The fresh kidney is scrubbed with salt and hydrated with Chen Shen.

  3. Chenpi soaked, washed

  4. West Shi bones are boiled in water for 5 minutes, and the cold water is taken out.

  5. Roll the right amount of water into the Xi Shi bone, fresh duck kidney, Chen kidney, dried tangerine peel, carrots and candied dates. After half an hour of medium heat, turn into a big fire and let the western vegetables roll and simmer for 2 and a half hours. Seasoning with salt


Efficacy: clearing heat and relieving heat, to accumulate stagnation, moisturize the gas. Tips: The watercress must be rolled underwater, otherwise the soup will suffer.

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