Recipe: Watercress

Home Cooking Recipe: Watercress


Winter is a good season for eating salmon. The folks have long said that "the winter 鲫 summer 鲇", this season's squid meat and fat seeds, the taste is especially delicious. The squid meat is tender and fresh, and there is a trace of sweetness under the fine taste. But the fresh freshwater fish always has a lingering smell of soil, and the water and mud deposited in the ponds from which it lives are mixed. The taste of the bottom of the lake. It is said that removing the teeth of the squid located in the throat of the sputum will reduce the smell of the fish. I don't know if this method of extraction is effective. Interested friends can try it. Or make a fresh fish in the fresh water, and cook it with a thick sauce. Under the strong sauce, the delicious and tender fish is like a treasure waiting for you to explore. Because the watercress is spicy and thick, it brings out the freshness of the fish. soft. Watercress squid is an indispensable dish on the table of Sichuan people's table. It is always indispensable to eat dinner on holidays, and there is no fish in it. If you have a happy event, you always want to "burn fish"! So, whenever I smell the scent of bean paste and squid mixed in the cold air, I always like it, because it means a festive event in the cold winter.



  1. The squid is opened to the internal organs, to the scales to go to the sputum (finished by the fish staff), washed, and slashed several knives on both sides of the fish body, marinated with cooking wine and salt; ginger, onion, garlic are minced, 郫县豆瓣minced

  2. Put enough oil in the pan and cook it until it is hot.

  3. Keep the base oil in the pot, put it into the Pixian County watercress, ginger, minced garlic and saute

  4. Add broth (or boiling water), add salt, sugar, vinegar

  5. Put the fried fish and cook for a few minutes

  6. Shovel the fish into the dish, mix the starch with a small amount of water and mix thoroughly. Pour into the soup, stir well with the spoon, pour on the fish and sprinkle with chopped green onion.

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