Recipe: Water chestnut Ma Lan head gold roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Water chestnut Ma Lan head gold roll



  1. Raw material collection

  2. Wash the skin and put it in the hot water to boil it.

  3. Black fungus boiled for 2 minutes, remove

  4. After the Malan head is washed, put it in a boiling water pot for a while and remove it (add appropriate amount of cooking oil, salt to keep the color green)

  5. After all the raw materials have been cooled, chopped, crushed walnuts

  6. Mix the chopped raw materials together, add the appropriate amount of salt, white sugar, sesame oil and mix well

  7. Eggs in a bowl, beaten with an egg beater, add a little bit of salt, mix well

  8. Put a small amount of cooking oil into the pan, heat it, then pour it into the egg mixture and heat it over low heat to form a quiche.

  9. Spread a layer of filling from one end of the omelet and slowly roll it from one end

  10. Cut into pieces, serve, and serve

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