Recipe: Walnut Sesame Yam Mud (Simple Version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Walnut Sesame Yam Mud (Simple Version)


The yam and the walnut together have the effect of supplementing the vital energy, strengthening the bones and strengthening the brain and brain. Sesame is suitable for calcium supplementation, while yam has the effect of promoting calcium absorption. These are a combination of healthy and nutritious. The practice is super simple



  1. 1. First wash the yam and peel it on the pan.

  2. 2. Allow to cool, then put it into a fresh-keeping bag, mash it, add a few spoonfuls of prepared black sesame powder and walnut powder prepared well, and take a mold to press it, you can eat it! It’s very simple, you can try it!


Our family likes to eat the original flavor. If you don't like the original flavor, you can add some seasonings and taste well. Black sesame powder and walnut powder are all prepared by me before. If you don't have it, you can buy black sesame seeds and walnuts and cook them at home. You can break them with a cooking machine. The troubled pro can buy ready-made powder in the supermarket.

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