Recipe: Virgo Jam~

Home Cooking Recipe: Virgo Jam~


The virgin fruit is a very good health and nutrition food, especially suitable for people to pursue natural and healthy trends. Its appearance is exquisite and lovely, its sugar content is very high, its taste is sweet and delicious, its flavor is unique, it is both vegetables and fruits. In addition to all the nutrients of tomato, its vitamin content is 1.8 times that of ordinary tomato! The saints bought at home are generally washed and used as fruit to eat. This year, a lot of seeds were planted in small pots. The result was quite fruitful. The whole family couldn’t eat even if they were eating it... Inspired by mom’s strawberry jam I tried to try so many saints to make jam, I didn’t expect it to be quite successful~



  1. Wash the saint fruit and tile it to dry the surface

  2. Use the juicer to crush the saint fruit, and use the gauze or filter to filter the peel residue.

  3. The filtered sage fruit juice is in the pot, and it is cooked in the middle of the fire. It is stirred from time to time. The pink juice has become darker at this time. It feels good to use the juice at this time to make tomato sirloin.

  4. As the simmered syrup gradually thickens, you can add the right amount of rock sugar at this time, depending on the taste of everyone, I prefer the sour taste, and I want to replace the ketchup when cooking, so I put less.

  5. Dip a few drops of lemon juice on a good jam and mix well~


The sacred fruit planted at home is slightly sour. If the cherries are sweeter, the sugar can be added less! And it feels like there is no difference in replacing tomato sauce~

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