Recipe: Vinegar slipping zucchini ~ appetizing crispy

Home Cooking Recipe: Vinegar slipping zucchini ~ appetizing crispy


There are many practices for zucchini, and individuals prefer this one! Vinegar slipping zucchini is very simple, but you should pay attention to the good heat when you are frying, and pour the balsamic vinegar along the pot before the pan, appetizing and crisp! Even children who don't like to eat are liked, and they have to eat and eat!



  1. The zucchini is chosen to be slender and tender. Wash the head and tail, cut into semi-circular slices, thinner and easier to taste.

  2. Chopped green onions and garlic, two sections of dried chili. Heat the wok and put the oil into the pepper. After the musk, put the dried chili and green onion and garlic.

  3. Put in the chopped zucchini slices and stir-fry the fire for about a minute. Place the thirteen incense in the pan, add a little white sugar, stir fry evenly. Stir fry the zucchini, add some salt, stir fry evenly.

  4. Pour the right amount of balsamic vinegar along the pot and fry the pan!


The zucchini is tender and delicious! The pepper can be removed without a spoon, and the fire is quickly stir-fried, so that the fried taste is better and more delicious.

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