Recipe: Vinegar chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Vinegar chicken


The smell of fried chicken that I have always liked, the meat is easy to greasy, but the meat that is fried in vinegar is really greasy.



  1. The chicken flakes in the water and drains the water.

  2. Heat the pepper under the hot pot and dry the pepper. The fire is sautéed with ginger. Under the chicken, stir fry into the cooking wine, soy sauce, and important vinegar! There are more vinegars, more, more.

  3. Stir fry over the fire, add boiling water, no chicken. Stir-fry in a small fire, and stir-fry when the remaining one-third of the water is left. (usually I will add a little more vinegar, the taste will be more concentrated, according to my own taste, you can also do not add) stir fry juice, until the juice is thick, you can cook

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