Recipe: Vietnamese chicken salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Vietnamese chicken salad


I think I am really a dark cooking expert. I can use the chicken in my Vietnamese-style chicken sandwich and the vegetables on hand to make a very good salad.



  1. When you make a Vietnamese-style chicken sandwich, you can make a lot of chicken. If you can't make a sandwich, you can leave some salad. The chicken practice is detailed here:

  2. Washing and cutting all kinds of vegetables and draining water, I used parsley, lettuce, chicory, purple cabbage, cucumber, carrot, red pepper, green pepper, and small tomato.

  3. Mix the vegetables with the chicken, add a packet of chopped daily nuts, squeeze in half a lemon juice, add some salt and black pepper to taste.


I personally think that the taste of lime is more Southeast Asia, you can also add some fish sauce and my Vietnamese-style radish kimchi!

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