Recipe: Very delicious double-brewed group / glutinous rice dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Very delicious double-brewed group / glutinous rice dumplings


After returning from Shanghai, I still remembered the various cake groups of Shen Dacheng and Wang Jiasha. So I made a cottage version with the characteristics of Shen Dacheng Jin Tuan and the two-brewed group. The taste is so delicious that it is going to be heaven. , glutinous rice control sweet food control pastry control people follow me to move hands ~ (cooking content editing perfect...)



  1. Glutinous rice flour, corn starch, white sugar, water, oil mixed together

  2. Place the batter from step 1 on a plate and steam in a water pot for 10 to 20 minutes until cooked. The steaming process can prepare the filling.

  3. Put the soy flour into the 180-degree oven, take it out every few minutes, and make the color darker. You can eat the soy bean flavor. After baking, add the right amount of powdered sugar according to your taste. If it is cooked soy flour, add sugar powder and mix well)

  4. Roasted sesame and mashed into powder and add appropriate amount of powdered sugar.

  5. Steamed glutinous rice husks are placed in a small dose of 25g after being hot. (The size can be set by yourself, with disposable gloves.)

  6. Take two small doses and round them into the soy flour and sesame powder. Then stick the two glutinous rice dumplings together. After the shape is good, roll a layer of soy flour on the outside.


1. During the baking process of soy flour and sesame, watch it carefully and do not scorch it. 2. After all, it is used as a filling, so the sugar of soy flour and sesame powder should not be put too little, and the mouthful can be slightly sweeter. If the sweetness is too low, the flavor will drop drastically. 3. When filling the stuffing, the sesame powder can be packed more, the soy flour powder is less, and the soy flour is more eaten and will be a bit 噎 4. The endless glutinous rice dumplings are packed in And sealed in the box at room temperature, the next day to eat soft sister, do not put the refrigerator, do not put the refrigerator, put the refrigerator, refrigerator, box ~

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