Recipe: Vegetable pan fried sun egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Vegetable pan fried sun egg


Eggs are an indispensable food in breakfast. It contains all kinds of nutrients. It is also one of the foods that humans often eat. There are many practices. My favorite is fried eggs. It’s easy to make a quick and easy mouth. Because the center of the non-stick pan is protruding, it is often used to fry eggs. Sliding aside, the fried eggs are all shaped, so I like to use the wok to omelet.



  1. Open a small fire, drip the oil in the vegetable pot

  2. Sprinkle a little salt into the oil, shake the pot, and let the oil and salt spread evenly on the pot. (the range of fried eggs)

  3. Into an egg, simmer on a small fire, egg molding can gently shovel the egg to know that the egg does not have a stick, just fry until the egg is a little bit of focus, (I like to eat a bit of mouth) then the egg yolk is still Comparing raw, do not like to eat too raw omelet, you can add a little water, cover the lid and boring, after a while, open the lid to observe the extent to which the eggs are cooked, and fry until you like it. Add seasoning to your own taste, or add it. I like to sprinkle a little bit of pepper on the fried egg, more peppery, and a little black pepper (really a little bit) and then mix with other breakfast.


1. In order to prevent sticking, the salt in the oil can also make the egg a bit salty. 2. When adding water, drip from the side of the vegetable pot and do not directly pour on the eggs.

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