Recipe: Vanilla, fish, belly, porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Vanilla, fish, belly, porridge


Freshly caught fish belly and fat clams, with a hint of vanilla and added rice wine to taste, and finally sprinkled with the right amount of garlic, each taste has a different chew. Excerpted from San Yue Culture "Borderless Creative Snack Academy"



  1. Wash the fish belly and cut it into strips.

  2. Take a stockpot and boil the broth. Add the rice, the fish head, the fish skin and the clams. Cook together.

  3. Add rice wine, salt seasoning, sprinkle with basil leaves, garlic crisps, and then add the right amount of sesame oil.


Rice wine can be decided according to your taste, and warm stomach can warm up at the same time.

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