Recipe: Unilateral gluten

Home Cooking Recipe: Unilateral gluten


This is a water gluten because the process of making it is to wash the dough in the water and wash it. After washing it, it is torn into small pieces and fried in a pan. After cooling, you can fry and fry and make a variety of gluten dishes. Tianjin's most famous gluten is to eat sweet and sour gluten, plain gluten, shrimp gluten and other eating methods. A long-lasting dish. There may be no such gluten sold in other regional cities.



  1. Gluten diced (old-fashioned method is torn by hand)

  2. Boil hot water in the pot

  3. The gluten is poured into boiling water and boiled softly.

  4. After boiling soft, remove the moisture

  5. The gluten-free water retains a small bowl

  6. Pour the oil into the pot and heat the chives, ginger, garlic, and aniseed

  7. Pour gluten after controlling dry water

  8. Add soy sauce, salt stir fry

  9. Add the reserved bowl of gluten water

  10. Add chicken and white sugar

  11. Cover the cover and start 'individual

  12. Finally, collect the juice and turn it into the sesame oil.


Salt is added according to your own taste. This dish is a bit sweet with a little bit of sweetness. You can buy more sugar. This gluten can only be bought in Tianjin. The taste of gluten is very strong. Even if the time is too long, it will not be Soft, like to eat can be searched in Baidu to make Tianjin gluten's own hands to wash gluten fried.

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