Recipe: Typhoon shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Typhoon shrimp



  1. Sea shrimp washed and drained, placed in a large bowl, added to the scattered garlic, a spoonful of soy sauce, a few peppers, a little spiced powder and sugar, a spoonful of salt, a small bottle of high-alcohol, onion, ginger mixed Evenly, marinate for half an hour

  2. After the sea shrimp is tasted, the ginger and green onions are picked out. Each shrimp is photographed with dry starch, and the excess starch is removed by shaking, and the peppercorns will fall down.

  3. Start with a slightly larger oil pan, fry the shrimps to golden brown, and use kitchen paper towels to remove excess oil.

  4. Leave a small amount of oil in the pot. After heating on low heat, stir the minced garlic until the flavor is scattered. After the color begins to turn yellow, add the bread crumb and stir fry.

  5. After all the garlic scent is scattered, pour the fried sea prawn, mix well, add a spoonful of sugar, a spoonful of salt, season the chicken essence, and let the bread roll evenly roll on the shrimp.

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