Recipe: Tuna tofu cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Tuna tofu cake


The combination of old tofu and canned tuna adds a bit of crispy cabbage to a healthy and delicious way to eat. You can lick the favorite sauce or the burger-buckwheat stuffing can be 嗒~(⌒▽⌒)



  1. The boxed old tofu is taken out and drained, placed in a large bowl and crushed with a spoon. The canned tuna is opened, the tuna is taken out and the water is dried by hand, and then scattered into a large bowl.

  2. The onion is chopped, and the cabbage leaves are taken from the two large pieces outside. After washing, they are cut into small pieces for use.

  3. Add a small amount of oil to the pan, add the onion and saute, then add the cabbage and stir fry, add a little salt, do not wait to soften the pan, and pour it into the big bowl.

  4. Continue to add an egg to the big bowl, put a little salt and allspice (no pepper can be used instead), mix well

  5. Preheat the pan (preferably not sticky), apply a little oil to open the medium and small fire, take the tofu into a pan-sized tofu cake, put it into a pan, and cook four or so tofu cakes at the same time, then cover the lid. Stir in the medium and small fire for about 3 minutes, open the lid and shake the pan. Turn to a small fire and fry for about 1 minute. After fixing, you can turn over the surface. Turn over the surface and fry for about 3 minutes (cover the lid). Pot

  6. When you fry the next pot of tofu, you must put a little more oil. In addition, the tofu in the bowl may be out of water. It doesn't matter. When you press the cake by hand, squeeze out the excess water. Don't dry it too much, leave a little water to fry. Tofu cake more juice 嗒~ When turning over, be sure to use a small spoon to help the shovel turn over! Otherwise it's easy to break~


1. Onions and cabbage can be sautéed without sautéing. 2. When frying the tofu cake, use a small spoon to help! Left hand small spoon right hand shovel, this is not easy to break; 3, the time of each side of the fried according to the actual size of the tofu cake, look at it~

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