Recipe: Tuna salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Tuna salad


At half-time, I ate half a pigeon and a large white-cut chicken leg. I have to eat a little self-salvation tonight. Life is an endless cycle between constant self-destruction and constant redemption.  What salad is actually suitable for busy little white-collar workers. Must be full at noon, go home at night will not be too hungry, casually grab some green vegetables and canned food in the refrigerator, wash and cut, zoom in the bowl to sprinkle some black pepper powder salad dressing, in fact, is already very satisfied. If you feel that the staple food is not enough, you can add some potatoes.



  1. The corn kernels are first steamed.

  2. Wash all the vegetables while steaming the corn.

  3. Spread all the vegetables in a large bowl. Put in tuna.

  4. Pour some olive oil, black pepper powder and salad vinegar, OK!

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