Recipe: Trotter yam jujube soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Trotter yam jujube soup


Today, the winter begins, the cold winter begins, the autumn goes to the winter, and the autumn dryness is nourishing. Many old-fashioned pharmacies in Hangzhou also officially started the old Chinese medicine practitioners to open the winter cream, but I thought that the winter season can only be warmed up first, so I bought a pair of trotters and a lot of moisturizing nourishing, plus kidney Warm-filled yam, and the red dates that brought the blood and beauty that came back to the north of Shaanxi last time, stewed a pot of nourishing and moisturizing the winter season nourishing warm soup



  1. Wash the pig's hand and scrape it into small pieces, then put it into a boiling water pot, boil it, remove it, and remove it.

  2. Peel the yam and cut it into pieces, and wash it with red dates.

  3. Then put the pig's trotters into the casserole, add ginger slices, and add the yam and red dates to the yam and red jujube. When the pork is thick, add salt, white pepper and chopped green onion.

  4. Pork hand soup, yam, sweet, nourishing and moisturizing


1. The pig's hand must be scraped off after the water is removed. 2, before stewing in the sand pot, you can use ginger slices and onion knots on the bottom of the casserole or use a small bamboo frame to avoid sticking the bottom of the pot when stewing.

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