Recipe: Tremella yam fried loofah

Home Cooking Recipe: Tremella yam fried loofah


Tremella and yam have a cosmetic effect, which is especially beneficial to the spleen and stomach. The method of vegetarian frying is the healthiest, and the taste is excellent. It can only be described as "sweet, crisp, and fragrant".



  1. Tremella in advance, soak for half an hour, let it completely open

  2. Peel the yam and cut into a piece of loofah. After peeling, cut into pieces of white fungus and then pick it up by hand.

  3. Hot oil pan, add ginger and garlic slices, pour the yam, loofah, white fungus, fry until the loofah is semi-soft, season with salt sugar, stir fry for 1 minute, pour a little powdered water, you can put on the saucer


Tremella and yam are very resistant to frying, mainly to see the soft and hard degree of loofah can be judged that the vegetables are cooked. I hope that the taste is cool, you don't have to fry for too long!

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