Recipe: Tremella lotus seed soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Tremella lotus seed soup


In summer, the daytime is long, and the hot weather often affects people's sleep and rest. Many people can only sleep for four to six hours a day, and even overnight. Tremella lotus seed soup has a good effect on summer insomnia. Summer is hot, yang is the most prosperous, and the principle of health in midsummer should be tonifying yin and nourishing yin and moistening the lungs. Take a bowl of nourishing yin, moistening the lungs, soothing the nerves and calming the summer.



  1. Lotus seeds are soaked in water (useless lotus seeds will not bitter, not heart will have bitter taste)

  2. The silver ear can be placed in the basin with water, and the warm water is available.

  3. The white fungus of the hair is broken into small pieces by hand

  4. Cut off the yellow part of the pedicle and wash it off. The yellow part of the pedicle is too hard and the taste is not good.

  5. Wash and spare

  6. Tremella into the pressure cooker, add appropriate amount of water

  7. Put in the lotus seeds. Cook in a closed pressure cooker for 1 hour

  8. Put in sputum, suffocate for 5 minutes, ready to eat


1. When choosing Tremella, you must choose white yellowish, which is light and shiny. 2. Choose lotus seeds, the size is the same, if you don't like bitterness and choose heartless lotus seeds, lotus heart has the effect of going to heart fire. 3. Tremella soup can also be cooked in a common pot, the time is longer, and the feeling of thickening can be cooked. 4. If you like to eat sweet, you can put a few pieces of rock sugar. Don't let the diabetics put it. 5. Tremella lotus seed soup, you can drink hot, you can also drink in the refrigerator after chilling.

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