Recipe: Tremella lotus seed

Home Cooking Recipe: Tremella lotus seed


I often do a health soup, look at some of the recipes in the kitchen, I want to share my practices with everyone!



  1. Take 1/4 of the white fungus soaked in water, cut off the bottom with scissors, and trim it into small ones for use.

  2. Wash the lotus seeds together with the white fungus in a water-proof saucepan, add rock sugar and 750ml of purified water. I used the timing function of the electric cooker, prepared the materials before going to bed at night, and stewed at about 6:30 in the morning.

  3. Take a whole snow scorpion, I use the Beijing Tongrentang super-class ferrets, use the water twice, and use pure water for overnight use!

  4. Get up in the morning, when the silver ear lotus seeds have been stewed, then turn on the quick stew function, while cleaning the ferrets, remove the fascia-like things at the bottom, put the blossoming ferrets into the saucepan, the action should be light, do not pinch Broken snow. Cover and cook for another half an hour.

  5. Take the drain and drain.

  6. Finally, the recipe is a three-person weight, put it on the heat, decorate it!


1. Tremella lotus seeds and rock sugar to soft palate, taste better! 2. Snow scorpion don't linger for too long, it will be changed. If you are in a hurry in the morning, pour the white fungus lotus soup into the pot and put it into the shovel! When I went to buy a snow owl, the staff of Tong Ren Tang had a hint! 3. Do not stew for too long, because I have been to the garden of Ningxia, the staff inside said that it is best to join in the pot, so the nutritional value is the highest.

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