Recipe: Translate several common creams (6)---cream cheese cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Translate several common creams (6)---cream cheese cream


I often don’t know what cream cream to use for the topping of the cup cake. I accidentally saw how to cook that there was a video comparing the cream cream. When I saw that the message was generally unspeakable, I found the original post. , translate it and share it with everyone. Vanilla seeds can be scraped instead of vanilla extract. The recipes and pictures are from how to cook that. The sixth cream is a cream cheese cream. This cream is currently popular in China. Probably because the Chinese can't adapt to the sweetness of the previous creams, the sour and salty taste of the cream cheese just plays a role in understanding, so it is very popular. This cream will seep water and is not suitable for use on fondant cakes. However, at higher room temperature, it can last for more than 45 minutes. We probably all remember the "Bankruptcy Girl" inside, Caroline said the phrase "cream is a bitch" Haha, light cream topping was light and tasty, but unfortunately can not toss high temperature. If there is no refrigerating measures, it is safer to bring a cream cheese cream to a friend. Of course, if the temperature is too high, nothing will be insured ==!



  1. Put the cream cheese and butter in the egg bowl and mix well until smooth.

  2. Stir in the powdered sugar and continue to whipped. Evenly add vanilla extract and salt and smooth.


These squares are very large, and you can reduce the amount proportionally when you do it.

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