Recipe: Traditional Hong Kong-style black sesame paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Traditional Hong Kong-style black sesame paste


The same material is not so delicate and sticky in the soymilk machine.



  1. After washing the glutinous rice, soak it in cold water for one and a half hours.

  2. Black sesame simmered in a small pot

  3. Red dates to check the nuclear cuts

  4. Glutinous rice, black sesame seeds, water, red dates, cooking machine, high speed for 1 minute

  5. Filter out sesame water

  6. Sesame residue is put into the cooking machine and added to the water

  7. Separate sesame water

  8. The weight is poured in the milk pot and the sugar is heated in the fire.


This is an amount of 1.5L and can be stored in the refrigerator for one week. Stir with a small spoon while heating, do not paste the pan

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